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Soft Matter and Biological Physics

Scientific Advisory Committee

Since January 2000, a Scientific Advisory Committee, has been established with the aim to advise both the publishers and the Editors-in-Chief of the respective sections of The European Physical Journal about editorial policy matters and aims & scope. The overall purpose is to offer the physics community - in Europe and throughout the world - a unified and high-quality forum to further development of international collaborations and the world-wide dissemination of physical sciences.

The Scientific Advisory Committee meets once a year and is chaired by one of the representatives. Currently they are: Chairperson 2021: Martina Knoop; Past Chairperson: Jef Ongena; Chairperson Elect: Roberta Caruso

The original chart of the Scientific Advisory Committee can be found here. The current chart has been approved at the SAC meeting in 2011 and further updated in 2016 and 2020.

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The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of representatives from the following societies:


Austrian Physical Society
Representative: Gottfried Strasser
Optical components and nanostructures


Belgian Physical Society
Representative: Jef Ongena
Nuclear fusion research; high temperature plasmas; heating with electromagnetic waves in the ion-cyclotron range of frequencies


Bulgarian Physical Society
Representative: Victoria Vitkova
Soft matter physics


Croatian Physical Society
Representative: Katarina Uzelac
Statistical physics; critical phenomena, nonequilibrium systems; solid-state physics


Czech Physical Society
Representative: Libor Juha
Chemical consequences of XUV/x-ray laser-matter interactions


Danish Physical Society
Representative: Ian Bearden
Experimental particle physics


European Physical Society
Representative: Roberta Caruso
Superconducting devices; oxide interfaces


Finnish Physical Society
Representative: Anu Kankainen
Nuclear physics; nuclear astrophysics


French Physical Society
Representative: Martina Knoop
Molecular and atomic physics: laser spectroscopy, cold atoms, trapped ions for various applications, mass spectrometry, frequency metrology


German Physical Society
Representative: Robert Klanner
Experimental particle physics; radition detectors


Hellenic Physical Society
Representative: Xenophon Moussas
Space physics; cosmic rays; solar physics; philosophy, history of physics and astronomy; antikythera mechanism


Israel Physical Society
Representative: Eric Akkermans
Mesoscopic quantum physics; non-equilibrium statistical mechanics; quantum condensed matter


Italian Physical Society
Representative: Giuseppe Grosso
Electronic band structure calculations; optical properties of solids; electronic transport; polymer and organic crystals; silicon-germanium photonics


Latvian Physical Society
Representative: Ruvin Ferber
Molecular spectroscopy; diatomic molecules; hyperfine structure; optics; optical polarization of molecules; astrophysics; nitrogen-vacancy centers; foundations of physics


The Netherlands' Physical Society
Representative: Els de Wolf
Particle physics


Norwegian Physical Society
Representative: Jens O. Andersen
QCD at extreme conditions; effective field theory; Bose-Einstein condensation


Polish Physical Society
Representative: Piotr Tomczak
Condensed matter physics; phase transitions; magnetism; quantum physics


Portuguese Physical Society
Representative: José António Paixão
Condensed matter physics; magnetism and superconductivity; X-ray and neutron scattering


Roland Eötvös Physical Society (Hungary)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Representative: Ferenc Iglói
Statistical physics; complex systems


Romanian Physical Society
Representative: Ioan Ursu
Nuclear physics: nuclear structure models and applications of the nuclear to medicine, science communication


Russian Academy of Sciences
Representative: Eduard Boos
Experimental high energy physics; theoretical high energy physics; particle phenomenology


Society of Mathematicians, Physicists and Astronomers of Slovenia
Representative: Igor Muševič
Soft and partially ordered matter; liquid crystal


Spanish Royal Physics Society
Representative: Miguel Ángel Fernández Sanjuán
Chaos; nonlinear dynamics; complex systems


Swiss Physical Society
Representative: Michel Calame
Condensed matter physics; materials and molecular physics; nanoscience, nano- and molecular electronics; nanomaterials; biophysics; biosensing

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