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Soft Matter and Biological Physics

Eur. Phys. J. E 7, 291-295 (2002)
DOI: 10.1140/epje/i200102018

Anomalous viscosity exponent in a discretized model for a chain diffusion in one dimension

S.E. Guidoni1, H.O. Mártin2 and C.M. Aldao1

1  Institute of Materials Science and Technology (INTEMA), Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata-CONICET, Juan B. Justo 4302, 7600 Mar del Plata, Argentina
2  Physics Department, School of Exact and Natural Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Deán Funes 3350, 7600 Mar del Plata, Argentina


(Received 24 September 2001 and Received in final form 28 January 2002)

We present a one-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation for the diffusion motion of a chain of N beads. We found that the scaling exponent for the viscosity can be smaller or greater than 3. This anomalous behavior cannot be attributed to the diffusivity scaling or the length fluctuations but is due to the chain dynamics details during diffusion in which the end beads play the key role. The viscosity exponent 3 and its expected relation with the diffusivity exponent are recovered in the asymptotic regime (N $ \to \infty $ ).

66.10.Cb - Diffusion and thermal diffusion.
83.10.Kn - Reptation and tube theories.

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