2022 Impact factor 1.8
Soft Matter and Biological Physics

Eur. Phys. J. E 2, 367-376

Dewetting on porous media with aspiration

A. Aradian - E. Raphaël - P.G. de Gennes

Physique de la Matière Condensée, Collège de France, 11 place Marcelin Berthelot, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France
Achod.Aradian@college-de-france.fr, Elie.Raphael@college-de-france.fr, Pierre-Gilles.deGennes@espci.fr

Received 5 October 1999 and Received in final form 7 February 2000

We consider a porous solid covered with a water film (or with a drop) in situations where the liquid is pumped in, either spontaneously (if the porous medium is hydrophilic) or mechanically (by an external pump). The dynamics of dewetting is then strongly modified. We analyse a few major examples, a) horizontal films, which break at a certain critical thickness, b) the "modified Landau-Levich problem'' where a porous plate moves up from a bath and carries a film: aspiration towards the plate limits the height H reached by the film, c) certain situation where the hysteresis of contact angles is important.

68.45.Gd Wetting - 68.15.+e Liquid thin films - 81.05.Rm Porous materials; granular materials

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